Zainub Abbas


Born and raised in Pakistan, i studied to become a lawyer. While working with one of the biggest firms i realised, law wasn’t my calling. Being married at a relatively young age i spent the next five years traveling extensively around the world with my husband.

I’ve always enjoyed dancing and going to the gym. Body movement held a special fascination for me. Mindfulness while performing even the simplest movement like walking or lifting a cup of tea to your lips is a game changer. When i discovered Pilates in 2008, it blew me away. The beauty of the human body, the bio mechanics and the power of breath and mind. There was no turning back. I initially trained as a teacher from PMI (Physical Mind Institute) and went on to becoming a teacher trainer with Body & Flow, where i am a faculty member.

I run the only Pilates studio in Lahore, Pakistan. I have taught and trained over 25 students.

My classes and privates are mostly simple yet precise movements. I love variety and challenging the mind and body in different ways.

I encourage my students to work with the energies within us as well as the energies of the universe. Grounding and centering are at the core of my sessions. Finding the inner strength and balance, staying mindful of even the smallest movement is something i encourage during my classes. I’ve had the experience of teaching all age groups starting from 12 to 75. I think Pilates is a vehicle to one’s strength and capabilities and honing those in the right direction for a healthier, happier and more confident you.