Who We Are

Route2 Pilates Studio was established in 2009 and since then has expanded exclusively through personal referrals. The results achieved by our clients and their testimonials about Pilates are proof that Pilates can help anyone enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

A Look Into Our Studio


Zainub Abbas


I encourage my students to work with the energies within us as well as the energies of the universe. Grounding and centering are at the core of my sessions.

Teacher trainer and Faculty member with Body & Flow

Meet The Team


Nael Najam

Marketing Manager/Senior Trainer

Fatima Akhtar

Studio Manager

Afiqa Yousaf

Senior Trainer

Annie Javed

Senior Trainer

Jenny Javed

Senior Trainer

Uzma Naeem

Senior Trainer

Amna Nawab

Under Trainee

Rahmeen Arshad

Under Trainee

Sonia Bajwa

Senior Trainer

Kiran Rehmat

Senior Trainer


Pilates has been a life changing experience for me. I never thought Pilates would be so effective for my health and daily routine. Now I can’t even imagine a life without Pilates. Route 2 has been fundamental in showing me the bliss of Pilates and I love the studio and its management.

Tamania Kamal


Pilates is body therapy at its best! My Pilates sessions at Route 2 are amazing. They have rejuvenated me by helping me achieve the body shape, size and strength that I always wanted. My personal trainer is a true professional and her dedication to my workout routine inspires me to be committed to both my classes and my body! The secret to a younger and healthier body is Pilates at Route 2.

Faaria Rehman


I highly recommend Route 2 Pilates studio to everyone. Unlike other exercise regimes, Pilates has strengthened and toned up my entire body. My posture is better and my core is stronger. I enjoy going to class every time, not only because the level of instruction is good but because it is always different, new and exciting. It also hones your focus as you just can’t zone out and is a great stress buster. This is not just a gym you can work out at. It’s a place where the instructors are excellent, personable and take genuine interest in your well being.

Yamina Peerzada